About LART

Company LART is based as the company engaged by development, manufacture and sale of consumer electronics, and as development and manufacture of consumer electronics for customers — trading networks under their trade mark.

The company created in 1995 has concentrated on development of consumer electronics with use of modern electronic components and modern methods of work. It allows to create the multipurpose, high-speed products which are not making a concession to existing analogues.

Custom-made design


LART- the company offers solutions on development of electronics, industrial design, manufacturing of pre-production models.


Development of circuitry, the software of electronic devices

The optimum choice of the circuit decisions, controller effectively allows to realize necessary functions of a product to provide electric safety, electromagnetic compatibility, reliability and durability of work of a product.

Design of products

The design is an opportunity to satisfy aesthetic requirements of the buyer. Modern technological opportunities allow to make production with high quality and reliability. And in this area to achieve considerably higher results, than at competitors, difficultly enough. But it is possible to involve with design of a product, original appearance even the choosiest buyer who does not recognize others brand, except for world famous. Therefore the design becomes the major direction by development of new products.

Designing of the case

The task of designing is what to provide to the manufacturer of products a highly effective work cycle. Without superfluous logistical expenses, with the least labour input and minimization of rejection of ready details and units.

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