Goodwin Azov TSV-2

«Azov» — the further development of the phone of Baikals. For realization of this project we used the ready case. Work of engineers consist in adaptation of the electronic module and the software to the new case.


- Automatic definition of number of an entering call — Russian Caller ID and Caller ID (FSK).
- Voice support of definition of number
- LED backlight of the display
- Indication of current time and date
- A mode «call-back»
- The list of entering calls — 100 numbers
- The list of proceeding calls — 35 numbers
- The telephone book — 30 numbers
- A mode « the black list »
- 4 independent alarm clocks
- Electronic separation (Flash) with installation of duration
- Registration of time and date of a call
- The counter of duration of conversation
- A pulse /tone mode of a set

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